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A lift-gate is a device used to raise and lower items from ground level to the level of a tractor trailer.

Freight companies deliver items on a tractor trailer which is approx 56 inches above the ground. These trailers are designed to load and unload at a loading dock or with a fork-lift. If your delivery location does not have a loading dock or fork-lift and the item is too heavy to remove from the trailer by hand, then you may need a lift-gate. It is ideal for deliveries to residential areas, as well as commercial areas that have no docks like stores.


There are several ways to avoid paying lift-gate delivery costs.

  • If your delivery location has a loading dock or forklift you do not need a lift-gate.
  • If the individual items in your shipment are light enough for you to remove from the truck you do not need a lift-gate.
  • If you are willing to drive to the closest terminal and pick up the freight from the delivery terminal, you do not need a lift-gate.


Availability varies by carrier and the equipment used. Therefore, it is very important to let us know in advance if you will require liftgate delivery since most trucks are not equipment with a liftgate.

Also, carriers are not obligated to perform such service when suitable vehicles equipped with such devices and operators are not available.

When the freight is already in transit, sometimes it is not possible to get liftgate service especially if your freight is loaded in the middle of the truck with other deliveries that have to be made along the route.

Some carriers might also not have a terminal close by to your destination location to drop off the freight.